Thursday, September 15, 2005

Volleyball Match

I never thought I will play Volleyball again. I really like volleyball, I was in the school volleyball team in middle school. Because of my height..*cough cough* I decided not to play during high school. Average American girls are taller than average Asian girls, that reason is already good enough.

IM volleyball game:
It was a lot of fun. Even our team got bitten, (thanks to Ganesh decide to play intermediate, then intermediate merged with Major league...) I know we all had a good time. I almost hit Lawrence in the face. But he survived. Haha.
During the game, it reminded me a lot during middle school volleyball game. Reminded me how much I use to like playing volleyball. I want to play more often.

Here are some pictures during the volleyball game: (I am not in any of them, because I was the one taking the pictures.)


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