Friday, September 09, 2005

I was reading one of my friend's Blog entry, he said " 好多好多人,都说,等30岁吧,那时候就好了.现在好了,想明白恋爱的积累问题,也就觉得,即使不想等到30岁,也不能如此下去.单身,更需要尊严了. " (my apologies to the guys who don't read Chinese. I won't try to translating it, because that will twist/changing the real meaning, and that will certainly loose the beauty of that sentence.)
I think he is a little too negative.

sigh... I really wish I have the skill to write blog entries in Chinese. But my writing skills in Chinese has decayed to almost none. But I shall try anyway. =)

Friday Night, I was playing game/chatting/trying to do homework, oh... and blogging. Nice combination huh?


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